We wade through what feels like 100's of boards and wetsuits, kid's scooters, a ping pong table, golf clubs giant cheques and trophies. Like most young fathers Adrain Buchan's garage is no longer a sacred sanctuary of masculinity but now home to miscellaneous surfing debris not to mention lots of stuff he's forgotten he had.

Spending the last 10 years on the World Championship Tour means Ace with his wife and young daughters are on the road chasing waves half the year so Ace's garage has become home to the family's sporting goods not to mention what seems like hundreds if not thousands of Nike shoes (proudly sponsored). 

We get to spend sometime with Ace and his coach Glenn 'Micro' Hall to chat about mental preparation leading into the 2019 season and how a garage makeover can do wonders for the athletic mind and how creating a functional space can easily dial up the feng shui in the humble man cave.