No tools, screws or studs – 3 simple steps

Once you’ve unpacked your rack, lean the 4 components against a wall so that they are all within reach. Now lets do it!

Step 1

Holding onto one of the vertical sides, slide the horizontal rail into the top cut out – (Make sure the finger join is facing down) then push firmly down, locking into place.

Step 2

Bring the other vertical side over to the top Horizontal rail and again slide into the cut out and push firmly down.

Now your rack should simply stand by itself.

Step 3

Slide the last Horizontal rail into the bottom check out and push firmly down.

“The early design phase saw some of our first prototypes with variety of hardware. But we what really wanted to achieve was a design that could be assembled easily in a few fluid steps. So we discarded the clunky hardware and developed our simple finger join 3 Step System"